•1998 Jan- "Patagonia" - 2 months in Chile and Argentina
sponsored by Snake, Alto Estilo and Ativa

•1999 Jan- "Patagonia" - 3 months in Chaltén, Argentina. Climbed to the Mermoz Peak (2.754m) e Guiullamet (2.593m).
sponsored by Snake, Mont Blanc, Manaslu, Ticcolor and Alto Estilo
"Climbing in Brazil" - june to october, climbed on the main schools of
Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
sponsored by Snake, Alto Estilo, Mont Blanc and Manaslu

•2000 Jan- "Patagonia 2000" - 3 months in Chaltén, Argentina. Climbed the peaks as: Inominata (2.501m) Media Luna Peak (1.923m), also the first Brazilian woman, Solo (2.248m), San Lorenzo (3.720m), stopping just 300 meters from thetop sponsored by Snake, Stone Edge and Ticcolor Jun-"Climbing in the United States of America" - 6 months traveling across many climbing schools, to the Half Dome Mountain, in Yosemite National Park, California, by the "Regular Route", the 850m climbing in 7 hours. Sponsored by Snake, Jasmine Integral Food, Kailash and Stone Edge.

•2001 Sept- "Climbing in Yosemite" - 2 months she climbing at Yosemite National Park, California, repeating many routes, as part of the training to the Fitz Roy, in Patagonia.
Sponsored by Snake, BioRitmo Academia, Jasmine Integral Food and Kailash.

•2002 Jan- "Fitz Roy Expedition" - 3 months in the Chaltén Area.
Climbed the Fitz Roy (3.341m) twice times but don't get the top, by the Afanassief Route first repetition in twenty years.They climbed 40 pitches, 1.350 m, and Franco Argentina Route, stopping just 20 minutes from the main top,becouse the bad weather.
Also climbed the Saint Exupery Peak (2.680m), 800 meters of wall in just 9 hours.
Sponsored by Snake, BioRitmo Academia, Jasmine Integral Food and Kailash
May- "Climbing in Europe" - 2 months, traveling across several climbing schools in France and Spain.
Accomplishing a video to the SPORT TV channel
Sponsored by Snake, BioRitmo Academia, Jasmine Integral Food and Kailash

•2003 Jan- "Aconcagua Project" - 1 month, climbed the American Top(6.962m). With excellent climate adaptation.Sponsored by Snake, Vibram, Kailash and Jasmine Integral Food
Jun- " Spanish Project"- 3 months in Spain and Greenland. Climbed a new oute in Greenland with Cecilia Buil.

•2004 Jan- "Cochamo" - 1 month, climbed the Gorilas Rock and Trinid Mediun.

__________ Next projects

•Yosemite Yational Park - climb trip with other climber from Colombia, with the Colombian Television.